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Glasair Aviation Offering Free Aft Seat Option at Oshkosh 2015

Glasair Sportsman rear seat

In celebration of AirVenture Oshkosh 2015, Glasair Aviation is adding the aft seat option to any Two Weeks To Taxi Sportsman order placed before July 26, 2015, free of charge.

The rear facing aft seat is one of the newest options developed for the Sportsman 2+2 and includes:

  • Ample head and leg room for adults
  • Careful placement for best possible CG
  • Plush cushioning
  • Excellent visibility

Glasair's signature Two Weeks to Taxi program has empowered aviators at every level of mechanical experience to build their own aircraft.

Visit the Glasair Aviation website for more details.

*Two Weeks to Taxi build slots are limited, so please contact us as soon as possible to secure your experience.


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Merlin LSA Takes First Flight

Glasair Merlin LSA

Merlin LSA Takes First Flight

Arlington, WA - After months of careful preparation, Glasair Aviation's new light sport aircraft, Merlin, took its first flight through the skies above Arlington Municipal Airport Tuesday, April 7, 2015.

Following detailed validation testing, including engine run-up, high-speed taxi, and ground roll lift off, the team at Glasair stood back and watched as Merlin departed the surface of runway 34 with test-pilot Grant Smith at the controls. The flight lasted fifty-seven minutes, as Smith took the plane through a full test flight profile that included validating the engine's reliability, exploring flight control characteristics in flight and conducting standard flight maneuvers.

"While nothing can replace the sheer wonder of witnessing the birth of a child, the introduction and maiden flight of a new airplane design is a close second!" Glasair Development Manager Ted Setzer said. "The 'parents' were all there to witness it, including the Glasair Aviation's flight designer engineer, Chuck Hautamaki, and the entire Glasair Aviation team. Seeing the joy and exhilaration on everyone's faces was as satisfying as hearing the test pilot Grant Smith's, positive comments as he emerged from the cockpit."

More about the Glasair Merlin LSA:

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Q2 & Q3 Flyer Available

Glasair Aircraft Owners Association Flyer - Q2 & Q3 2014Q2 & Q3 Flyer Available

More power = more better! Read about Cameron Fraser's Lycoming O-540-powered GlaStar and David Salinger's Supercharged Super II RG. Less fuel consumption is also better - Kurt Goodfellow's Diesel Sportsman flies - the first customer-built Diesel Sportsman to take to the skies.

In this double-issue:

  • GAOA Flight Deck By Omar Filipovic
  • Glastar 540 Project By Cameron Fraser
  • Magnetic Engine Protection By Ted Setzer
  • Effective Low-Cost Solutions By Alan Negrin
  • Changing the GlaStar Seat Back Angle By Wayne Stafford
  • Events: Columbia 2014 By Arlo Reeves
  • Engine Oil Analysis By Andy Plunkett
  • Flight Report: First Customer-built Diesel Sportsman By Kurt Goodfellow
  • Postcards: Festival of Flight 2014 By Dee Whittington
  • First Aid Kit By Jonathan Apfelbaum
  • Glasair FT Gear Bracket Cracks By Ted Setzer and Mike Palmer
  • Glasair Model Trivia
  • Mentors Wanted By Mark Lee
  • Postcards: Oshkosh 2014 By Dee Whittington
  • Jeff Lavelle Cleans Up at Reno By Todd Copeland
  • Second First Flight By Bruce Zimmerman
  • It's Not About the Airplanes, but the People By Kathy Sutton
  • Glastar & Sportsman Service Bulletin 72
  • Trimming Doors By Chris Dellos
  • Smiley Creek 2014: Fun and Friendship in a Mountain Paradise By Kathy Sutton
  • Partially Collapsed Retractable Gear By Don Yoakley
  • Sportsman Transfer Pump Filters By Scott Diffenbaugh
  • Supercharged Super II RG By David Salinger

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New Window Installation Videos by Zach Chase

New Window Installation Videos by Zach Chase

New Window Installation Videos by Zach ChaseZach Chase of Fibertech Composites has been the go-to man when it comes to assembling the Glastar and Sportsman airplanes. His one day of "Zach Attack" work can easily save the builder a month of labor and head-scratching. In addition to being the master of all things composite, he is also a movie star.

Zach's latest contribution is a series of new videos about window installation in the Glastar and Sportsman - an improved set of how-to instructions that replaces the old VHS-grade recording from many years ago. Dj Merrill edited the videos - thanks Dj.

Check it out from the links below or on the GAOA YouTube Channel.


If you find these video instructions helpful, please consider making a donation to Zach by clicking:

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Columbia, California Fly-In

12th Annual Northern California
Glasair Aircraft Owners Association Fly-in
October 3-5

Join us for the 12th Annual Northern California GlaStar/Sportsman Fly-in on Oct. 3-5 in Columbia, California! This fine fall fly-in takes place at one of California’s nicest public fly-in facilities. Beautiful examples of our favorite aircraft will gather on the flight line, we’ll talk shop, walk to the old gold mining town, and potluck together.

On Saturday, some may fly to nearby Pine Mountain Lake for airport day while others may visit the Giant Sequoias. Wear your favorite flying t-shirt to our Saturday evening potluck! There will be prizes for funniest, oldest, and best homebuilt t-shirt.

More information in the Events Forum.

© Dave Ammenti

© Arlo Reeves

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Glastar and Sportsman in the News
Kitplanes Flies the Diesel Sportsman!

Kitplanes Flies the Diesel Sportsman!

Glasair Sportsman Diesel in FlightKitplanes Contributor David Prizio, and Editor in Chief Paul Dye, were the first journalists to fly the new Diesel Sportsman from Glasair. The aircraft, a carbon version constructed specifically to test the new engine from Continental Motors - was flown at the Glasair factory in Arlington, Washington, and exhibited performance, fit, and finish far superior to what was expected from a prototype machine. The airframe and engine had about 42 hours on it when the Kitplanes pilots got their hands on it, and several more when they were finished - it was hard not to keep flying it. While absolute speed and climb performance is lower than with the IO-390, that is to be expected with an engine rated for considerably less power. There are advantages however - with the standard turbocharger, the climb power remained constant to approximately 8,000′. Cruise fuel consumption is on the order of 7 gallons per hour at economy, and less if the aircraft is slowed down. The test team at Glasair is expecting that they might be able to see ten hours of endurance with the power pulled back, and full tanks - and those tanks would be full of cheaper Jet A.

Read more on Kitplanes Newsline.


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