How to Use the Forum

To get the best possible experience from this message board, learn about its features.


  • Posts can be made online or by email
  • You can read posts online or choose to get them by email as well
  • You can attach files to your posts, both online and email
  • Attachments will be distributed by email if you choose to receive them
  • Your profile can include your avatar (picture) to make it easier for us to recognize you at fly-ins
  • Full archive search
  • View new posts since your last visit
  • Users can create polls

General instructions

  • If you have trouble with any of the forum's features, please look for an answer in the GlastarNet Feedback and Help forum - many frequent questions have already been answered. If you can't find an answer, then post your questions there.
  • While you may edit your user name, it is preferable to keep your full name because that's what everyone will see as the post's author. Don't use cryptic names, please. Knowing who wrote the message provides confidence and gives it credibility.
  • Please use the appropriate forum for your topic.


In order to keep images at a manageable size, the maximum image size is limited to 256KB and documents such as pdfs can be up to5 MB. These limitations may be changed in the future by the administrator. If the file is larger than 120KB, a thumbnail will be displayed instead. Keep the image pixel size at 800 x 600 or below for best results.

Windows users can download a very handy image resizing utility here. It is pre-set to resize your images or folder of images to 800x600. Simply drop your file onto the program icon and you're done. Mac users can download a similar Applescript application here. Just like the PC version - leave the program icon on your desktop and drag and drop your image onto it. If you have trouble with that app under the Snow Leopard OS X, try this Applescript App. Linux geeks can probably figure this one out without any assistance, but GIMP or ImageMagick are good choices.



file attaching

To attach a file when posting online, look below the message window. Click on the "Browse" button, then find the file on your computer, click on "Add Attachment" and it will be added. If you have another file to attach, click Browse again, then Add Attachment, and so on. When you are done with the message and have chosen the attachments, click "Submit". Your message will be posted online and delivered to forum subscribers by email along with the attachments.

If you are posting by email, simply attach your files and send it to the desired forum. (Also see Posting by Email below.)

You may attach various types of files. Click on the "Allowed Extensions and Sizes" link to see what's allowed. If there is a type of file you'd like to upload, but its extension is not listed, contact the administrator.



Subscribing to forums for e-mail delivery

forum subscriptions

In order to receive posts by email, you must subscribe to the forums you wish to read. The link is at the top of the home page. Place a checkmark by each forum to which you wish to subscribe. Any posts made to the subscribed forum will then be delivered to you by email, including your own. You will also get attachments if you select that option.


email settings

You can receive attachments or just links in the emails you receive from the forum. Experiment with these settings and pick what works best for you.



notify me of replies

If you are posting a message online and you are subscribed to the forum for email delivery, then don't check the "Notify me when a reply is posted" option below your post, otherwise you will get extra emails regarding the same post.



Posting by Email

It's easy to post by email. Simply send an email to the desired forum along with any attachments. The forum address can be found on the Forum Subscriptions page. You must send from your registered e-mail address or it will not be accepted for posting.

Please use an appropriate subject. It helps with searches later on. This applies to online posts as well as emailed posts.

If you want to start a new topic by email, do not take another email you received, change the subject, delete everything and start typing. A special code is embedded in the email header and if you do that, your email will be threaded into the topic where that reused message came from. Instead, to start a new topic, start a new message and address it to the desired forum.

You will receive a copy of the email you send to the board if it is posted successfully. If you don't there may have been a problem with it - maybe you sent it to a wrong address, or it contained an illegal attachment. Check the forum to see if your message did go through. Remember, attachments must have a proper extension (.jpg, .gif, .txt, etc) and they must be below the maximum allowed size.




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