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Glasair Aircraft Owners Association Flyer Index

2015 Winter GAOA Flyer

Winter 2015

Time to Modernize
By Omar Filipovic

Diesel Sportsman Update
By Kurt Goodfellow

AUX Fuel Pump
By Simon Jarman

DIY Upholstery
By Chris Dellos

Engine Cooling
By Dan Dudley

How I Lost 18 lb in One Day...Using the EarthX ETX680 Diet
By Howard Plevyak

EarthX Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries
By Alan Negrin

Denali from FL 240
By Lou Nathanson

Sportsman Control Stick Installation

Creature Comfort
By Dan Dudley

Aerial Photography
By Jonathan and Julia Apfelbaum

In the Dark She Awaits
By Mark Briggs

Upgrading to an LED Landing Light
By Howard Plevyak

Expand Your Passenger Safety Briefing
By Machteld Smith, AOPA Safety Institute

We Got High in Colorado
Kathy Sutton

Florida to Washington
By Byron J. Covey

Sportsman Cleared for Flight Testing with UL Power 520i
By Tracy Ross

Tom Needham’s Sportsman Repair Project 2016
By Ted Setzer

So you Want to Fly to Canada, Eh?
By Alan Negrin

Bike Contortions - When Three Wheels are Not Enough
By Russ Beers

Smiley Creek 2015

Strength of Riveted Joints
By Bill Marvel

LED Lights from Baja Designs
By Mark Briggs

By Howard Plevyak

Glastar Hauler
By Pete Aschenbrenner

Glasair Door Handle Safety Loop
By Paul Pengilly

Does Anybody Wax Airplanes Any More?

Inadvertent Flap Retraction
By Carlos Emmons

Airflow Performance Service Bulletin - Auxiliary Airbox Retention

A (not so) Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Manzanita
By Don Clayhold

Converting from On-Off to an Andair Fuel Valve
By Andy Plunkett

First Flights

Wiring the Wings
By Mark Briggs

Wing Folding
By David Salinger

When Good Hydraulic Pumps Go Bad
By Morgan Hall

Fuel System Warning Sensors
By Brad Cruz

LED Cockpit Lighting
By Sven Gruenitz

High Oil Pressure Reading
Howard Plevyak

Sun ‘n Fun Award
Don Yoakley

Dodged a bullet!
By Omar Filipovic

PMag Pirep
By Carlos Emmons

Nuisance Oil Leaks
By Mark Neubauer

2014 2Q and 3Q Flyer

2nd & 3rd Quarter 2014

GAOA Flight Deck
By Omar Filipovic

Glastar 540 Project
By Cameron Fraser

Magnetic Engine Protection
By Ted Setzer

Effective Low-Cost Solutions
By Alan Negrin

Changing the GlaStar Seat Back Angle
By Wayne Stafford

Events: Columbia 2014
By Arlo Reeves

Engine Oil Analysis
By Andy Plunkett

Flight Report: First Customer-built Diesel Sportsman
By Kurt Goodfellow

Postcards: Festival of Flight 2014
By Dee Whittington

First Aid Kit
By Jonathan Apfelbaum

Glasair FT Gear Bracket Cracks
By Ted Setzer and Mike Palmer

Glasair Model Trivia

Mentors Wanted
By Mark Lee

Postcards: Oshkosh 2014
By Dee Whittington

Jeff Lavelle Cleans Up at Reno
By Todd Copeland

Second First Flight
By Bruce Zimmerman

It's Not About the Airplanes, but the People
By Kathy Sutton

Glastar & Sportsman Service Bulletin 72

Trimming Doors
By Chris Dellos

Smiley Creek 2014: Fun and Friendship in a Mountain Paradise
By Kathy Sutton

Partially Collapsed Retractable Gear
By Don Yoakley

Sportsman Transfer Pump Filters
By Scott Diffenbaugh

Supercharged Super II RG
By David Salinger

2014 1Q Flyer

1st Quarter 2014

Association Update

GlaStar Cargo Door Mod

Glasair Announces New LSA and a Diesel Sportsman
By Omar Filipovic

Wheel Bearings
By Arlo Reeves

Baffles Reduce Cylinder Temperatures
By Ted Setzer

Buying and Selling a Pre-Owned Airplane
By Alan Negrin

Sun 'n Fun 2014 Postcard
By Herb and Marsha Karkheck

Independence Fly-in
By Richard Yerian

Smiley Creek Fly-In
By Dave Hulse

Same Pants, Bigger Wheels?
By Arlo Reeves

Sportsman Service Bulletin 71

Keeping Oil Temperatures Low
By Kevin Haydon

Ventral Fin for Yaw Stability
By Ted Setzer

Service Bulletin for Dynon Heated Pitot Tubes

Servo vs. Anti-Servo
By Omar Filipovic

2013 4Q Flyer

4th Quarter 2013


Rochester Fuel Gauge: Take Two

Superior Engine Build School
By Omar Filipovic

Builders Risk - Protection for the Parts
By Scott "Sky" Smith

A Lightweight Custom Jack
By Kathy Sutton

Cowl Piano Hinge
By Pete Aschenbrenner

Vernier Assist Throttle Control
By Ted Setzer

Quick Notes:
- Corrosion-proofing Struts
By Howard Plevyak, Cecil Oglesby, Arne Aamodt
- GlaStar Anti-Servo Tab
By Dick King
- SCAT Tubes

By John Lake

Safari Cargo Net
By Andy Plunkett

Warner Owens

By Randi Ernst

2013 3Q Flyer

3rd Quarter 2013

GlaStar Cargo Door Update
By Aaron VanAuken and Ted Setzer

Engine Break-in
By Ted Setzer

Frayed Rudder Cable
By Dick King

Pirate Pilots Swoop in on the Columbia Fly-In
By Arlo Reeves

Rough River 2013
By Carlos Emmons and Dick King

Propping up Our Projects
By Greg Schroeder

Kit# 7058 Becomes N17058
By Gary Wolf

Tail-Low Wheel Landings
By Alan Negrin

Water Seal
By Ted Setzer

AirVenture–Oshkosh 2013
By Kathy Sutton

2013 2Q Flyer

2nd Quarter 2013

GSAI Flight Deck
By Omar Filipovic

Perking up the Performance of a Sportsman
By Dave Prizio

Skunkworks: "Setzman" Gets Painted
By Ted Setzer

Transition Training Challenges
By Alan Negrin

Smiley Creek 2013: Thanks Dave & Dave!
By Jesse and Linda McMurtry

Builder Tips: Tailwheel Springs
By Ted Setzer

Events: Colorado Fly-In 2013
By Charles Grauer

Builder Tips: How Much Fuel Do We Have?
By Ted Setzer

GlaStar Door Mod Update
By Omar Filipovic

Builder Tips: Backup Battery
By Alan Negrin

Italy To Israel in a Glastar
By Giorgio Frank

Builder Tips: Glastar Boost Pump Installation
By Peter Aschenbrenner

Completions: 17 Years in the Making
By Richard Yerian

Can An Aircraft Be Too safe?
By Scott "Sky" Smith

2013 1Q Flyer

1st Quarter 2013

GSAI Flight Deck
By Omar Filipovic

Glastar Enlarged Door Kit
By Ted Setzer

Easy Muffler Shroud Mold
By Pete Aschenbrenner

Setzman N11YM Maiden Flight
By Ted Setzer

Caribbean Puddle Jumpers
By Steve Tillinghast

Are You a Safe Pilot?
By Alan Negrin

Flap Gap SealsReduce Stall Speed
By Ted Setzer

Thoughts on Cooling
By Ted Setzer

Ventral Fin for a GlaStar on Floats
By Bill Bracken

Deltahawk + Glasair = Diesel Sportsman
By Dave Prizio

Sun ‘n Fun Brat Roast
By Herb Karkheck

Scotch Electrical Tape for Sealing Gaps
By Randi Ernst

Wing Rotating Jig
By Terry Dovey

2012 4Q Flyer

4th Quarter 2012

GSAI Flight Deck: Different

Ted’s Excellent Adventure
ByTed Setzer

Sportsman Nosegear Bushing Inspection
ByTed Setzer

Are you a Test Pilot?
By Alan Negrin

Lightweight Jack
By Greg Allman

Fuel Transfer Controller–Lower Cost Version
By Tom Kuffel

First Flight: Bracken GlaStar On Zenair Floats
By Bill Bracken

Builder Tip: Brake Flex

Engine Control Bracket
Designed by Tom Osborne

Weight-Shedding Mods
By Ted Setzer

Tow-Bar Rack
By Kathy Sutton

Extended Baggage Note
By Ted Setzer

2012 3Q Flyer

3rd Quarter 2012

GSAI Flight Deck: Group Purchase

Events: Columbia Fly-In 2012
By Arlo Reeves and Chris Wills

Builder Tips: Extended Baggage Compartment
By Lou Nathanson

Member Spotlight: NASA Hall of Fame
By Chris Wills

Destinations: Back-Country Safari
By Alan Negrin

Insurance: Personal Service and Group Experience
By Scott “Sky” Smith

Events: Oshkosh 2012
By Dan Dudley

Events: Colorado Fly-in
By Charles Grauer

Skunkworks: Aft-Facing Seat Sportsman Retrofit
By Ted Setzer

Builder Tips: Bug Plug
By Dj Merrill

Builder Tips: Curved Surface Jig
By Charles Grauer

Builder Tips: Accessorize Your Cockpit
By Kathy Sutton

Products: Insultherm Wire Sleeve
By Howard Plevyak

2012 2Q Flyer

2nd Quarter 2012

GSAI Flight Deck: Fly-in Season
By Omar Filipovic

In Focus: Crossing the Atlantic in a Sportsman
By Erich Häberle

Mission: Astronomy
Annular Eclipse — A Sunday Afternoon Glastar Outing

By Arlo Reeves

Flying Technique: Safe Flying in the Alps
By Werner Schneider

Flying Technique: Box-Canyon Turns Revisited

By Tom Kuffel

What’s New: Garmin’s GLO for Aviation

Events: Smiley Creek 2012 Fly-In
By Alan Negrin

Builder Tips: Sticks and Grips
By Peter Aschenbrenner

Builder Tips: Springs Prevent Tailwheel Shimmy
By Michael Kamber

New Products: Cargo Pod, Gear, and Seats for the Sportsman

2012 1Q Flyer

1st Quarter 2012

GSAI Flight Deck: Taking Over
By Omar Filipovic

Basic Premises of Mountain Flying
By Alan Negrin

Builder Tips: Grounding for Wingtip NAV Antennas
By Eric Hopkins

Power Management Simplified
By Marc Cook

Builder Tips: Up-Sizing Main and Front Tires
By Dave Herridge

Regulations: Paperless Medicals
By Omar Filipovic

New Zealand Air Adventure
By Bruce Wheaton and Kathy Reducka

Virginia and Smiley Creek Fly-ins

Builder Tips: Smooth Lines
By Peter Aschenbrenner

Insurance Beat: Tools
By Scott “Sky” Smith

Builder Tips: Accessorize Your Cockpit
By Kathy Sutton

Touch & Go: The Hits Keep Coming

2011 4Q Flyer

4th Quarter 2011

What’ll Be Your Engine?
By Marc Cook

GSAI Flight Deck: Over to You, Omar
By Marc Cook

New Products: MGL Avionics Introduces New Com Radio

First Flights: Christian Stuessi and Heinz Stahli

Insurance Beat: Advanced Ratings: What Are They Good For?
By Scott “Sky” Smith

Builder Tips: Keeping the Water Out
By Ted Setzer

Builder Tips: Snazz Points
By Ted Setzer

Avionics & Systems: Dynon SkyView AHRS Mounts
By Michael Sandling

Shop Talk: Safety In Jacking
By Dan Howe

Special Projects: Ted’s Amazing Lightweight Sportsman
By Ted Setzer; photos by Michael Henderson

Builder Tips: Control Stick Bushing Upgrade
By Marc Cook

2011 2Q and 3QFlyer

2nd and 3rd Quarter 2011 - Double Issue

Dave Ammenti’s Sportsman
By Marc Cook

GSAI Flight Deck: In Transition
By Marc Cook

On the Move: New Homes for Dick Kahler’s GlaStar and N701P

Factory News: Price Increase for 2012
By Harry DeLong

First Flight: Jim Williams’ Sportsman

Flight Reivew: The Turbo Part of the Turbo Carbon
By Marc Cook

Tech Sidebar: A Brief Primer on Turbocharging
By Marc Cook

Flying Techniques: Mountain Flying Primer
By Alan Negrin

Sportsman Travels: North to Alaska Via “The Trench”
By Alan Negrin

Product Review: Adventure Pilot iFly 700
By Alan Negrin

Builder Tips: Getting the Boot
By Ted Setzer

Builder Tips: Air Conditioning For Your Radios
By Tom Kuffel

Tools You Want: Let It Bleed
By Marc Cook

2011 1Q Flyer

1st Quarter 2011

Hindsight Is 20/20
By Marc Cook

GSAI Flight Deck: So, What’s Next?
By Marc Cook

Safety Watch: Apparent Flutter Event in An RV-7

Builder Tips: Homemade EFIS
By Carlos Emmons

Insurance Beat: Claims Settlements, the Basics
By Scott “Sky” Smith

Builder Tips: Alternative Battery Box
By Knud Jorgensen

Builder Tips: Adel Clamp Trick
By Knud Jorgensen

2010 4Q Flyer

4th Quarter 2010

Lead Astray: Examing Future Fuels
By Paul Bertorelli

GSAI Flight Deck: Selling N30KP
By Marc Cook

Out There: Ted Previews His Creation
By Ted Setzer

First Flight: Rolf Waelty’s GlaStar

First Flight: John Eastabrooks GlaStar

Flying Safely: GlaStar Accident Review
By Ron Wanttaja

Pilot Training: Crosswind Operations

By Alan Negrin

Avionics Shop: Garmin G3X Engine Monitoring
By Marc Cook

Blast From The Past: Insert Foot A Into Mouth B
By Ted Setzer

Builder Tips: Removable Baggage Floor
By Peter Aschenbrenner

Builder Tips: Jack Pads, Take 2
By Peter Aschenbrenner

Builder Tips: Timer-Based Fuel Transfer System
By Richard Clatch

Builder Tips: Great, Cheap Tools
By Marc Cook

2010 3Q Flyer

3rd Quarter 2010

Bolt Up & Go: Glasair Aviation Resolves the Seatbelt Issue
By Marc Cook

GSAI Flight Deck: The Alternative-Engine Question
By Marc Cook

First Flights: Kathy & Dan Sutton’s GlaStar
First Flights: Ian Orrman’s Sportsman

Pilot Training: Taming the Taildragger
By Alan Negrin

Insurance Beat: To Train or Not To Train, That’s the Question
By Scott “Sky” Smith

Regional Events: Virginia Regional Fly-In
By Dee Whittington

Avionics Shop: A Magnetometer Shelf—Finally Done Right
By Marc Cook

Builder Tips: Most Excellent GlaStar Mods
By Peter Aschenbrenner

Builder Tips: More Interior Lighting
By Marc Cook

2010 2Q Flyer

2nd Quarter 2010

The Seatbelt Debate: What Does Service Bulletin 69 Mean to You?  By Marc Cook
Glasair Aviation has released a comprehensive Mandatory Service Bulletin on seatbelt attach points. What does it mean to you?

GSAI Flight Deck: It’s the Little Things By Marc Cook
Ownership of a GlaStar or Sportsman is a constantly interesting thing. One of the true benefits of building, as opposed to buying a Mooney or something, is that you can update and improve as you go. Plus there’s that feeling of charting new territory. Both are rewarding.

Pilot Training: First Steps into a GlaStar By Alan Negrin
This article is aimed at the new builder who may have little or no time in a GlaStar or Sportsman. Pilots who are new GlaStar and Sportsman flyers should not underestimate the need for quality transition training, especially if you are accustomed to flying any legacy single engine aircraft—Cessna 172 or 182, Piper Cherokee, Warrior or similar aircraft.

MacGyver Moments: Alaska Jury Rig  By Nick Reid
With everything packed into the Sportsman we put on our headsets, hit the starter and— nothing happened. Not a click, not even the dim glimmer of a light on the panel. Dead.

Mission of Mercy: Bush Flying and Bush Fixing By Dave Prizio and Ted Setzer
Bush flying makes many extraordinary demands on pilots and airplanes. Some of these demands include maintaining your plane in top condition and fixing what you break. The concept of expecting to break an airplane as part of its “normal” use is alien to most of us, but when you constantly fly in and out of rough bush strips hacked out of the jungle your definition of normal changes.

Regional Events: Virginia Regional Festival of Flight By Dee Whittington
The 2010 Virginia Regional Festival of Flight attracted nine GlaStar and Sportsman builders, a record number for the event.

Avionics Shop: Installing a Dynon SkyView EFIS By Ken Wiley
When doing a project like this in an already flying airplane, it is good to combine it with an annual condition inspection because everything from the engine to behind Bulkhead A has to be exposed.

Avionics Shop: Further Evolution of N30KP’s Panel By Marc Cook
Earlier this year, I spent more than a few pages describing the Garmin G3X installation in my Sportsman, and tapped a few keys of discontent with the single-screen setup. Now the single screen is two, with the addition of a GDU 370 and the temporary removal of the Grand Rapids Horizon HX EFIS.

A Blast from the Past: Poverty, Pine Cones and Peer Pressure By Ted Setzer
As any good business school (or dental school) student knows, diversification is the key to successful business growth. And you thought Stoddard-Hamilton was only a pioneering force in the composite kitplane industry…!

Builder Tips: Landing Gear Steps
By Ted Setzer
For a few dollars of raw materials and a little labor you can add a set of lightweight, aerodynamic steps to the taildragger gear strut fairings.

Maintenance Tips: Top Deck Repairs By Ted Setzer
Wing-folding exercises on GlaStar and Sportsman aircraft often leave a cosmetic crack or worse on the top deck where the main spar joins the cage.
2010 1Q Flyer

1st Quarter 2010

AOPA’s Nall Report: Homebuilders Get a Black Eye. Do We Deserve It? 
By Marc Cook

GSAI Flight Deck: The Value of Community
By Marc Cook

First Flight: Rob Griesdale Sportsman C-GRGX

Insurance Beat: The Basics
By Scott “Sky” Smith

Safety Report: Sportsman Loss-of-Elevator Accident
By Marc Cook

Flying Safely: Landing Without the Elevator—Can It Be Done? 
By Marc Cook

Travels with Arlo: Winging It in the Northwest
By Arlo Reeves

More Travel: Smiley Creek 2009
By Dave Hulse

A Blast from the Past: Spy Shenanigans For Ted and the Gang
By Ted Setzer

Maintenance Tips: Starting a Fuel-Injected Lycoming
By Ted Setzer

Maintenance Tips: Lycoming Nose Seal Replacement
By Marc Cook
2009 4Q Flyer

4th Quarter 2009

Superior Air Parts Returns to the Living, by Marc Cook
Returning from the brink of extinction, Superior Air Parts is on the path to rebuilding its business and supplying the Experimental aftermarket.

First Flight: EAA 106 Builders Group, GlaStar N106GL

Our GlaStar, which was Kit #5127, is now the flying airplane N106GL!

New Products: Perihelion Design Titanium Flap Ratchet Handle available again; Ted Setzer-designed towbar and spreader bars still available.

Regional News: Columbia (CA)'s autumn fly-in was the only one spared weather demons this year. Here's a report on this great event.

Maintenance Tips: Dennis Vanatta's simple jacking point angles might make future maintenance much easier.

Product Test: TCW Tech's Backup Power System, by Marc Cook.

This backup battery system can provide 4-amp-hours of backup power for radios and instruments, but that's just the start.

Geek Squad: Build an APRS Tracker, by Marc Cook.

Here's one way to let your wife know where you're flying. Bonus: It has an on-off switch.

Repair Station: Glasair Aviation conducts a substantial in-situ cage repair. A photo essay describes the process.

Sitting Pretty: Oregon Aero Vs. Glasair Vaition Factory Seats, by Marc Cook.
After four years with the OA seats, Cook trades for the soft touch of the factory's Sportsman seats.

Interior Modifications: Martin Baumer describes in great detail his child's seat for the GlaStar.

Builder Tips: Creating shorter-than-standard pop rivets, by Ted Setzer.

Maintenance Tips: Why a triplexer is not the answer for GlaStars with a Garmin 430 and SL30...and just one nav antenna, by Marc Cook.
2009 3Q Flyer

3rd Quarter 2009

The FAA’s “51% Rule” Is Finally Released: And the News Is Good, By Marc Cook
The FAA, after a long, long wait, finally published the document that had the entire homebuilt industry holdings its collective breath. Bottom line for those currently building GlaStars and Sportsman aircraft is clear: You have not been dramatically impacted. Even if you have used commercial assistance and must follow the new rules, there is enough leeway for legitimate builders to complete the aircraft without undue stress.

Upping the Instrument Ante. But Is It Worth the Cost? By Marc Cook
Garmin G3X modular EFIS reviewed. Comparison with other stuff, lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

First Flight Report. Loren Mann, Glastar N7625M
Many years after receiving my kit (#5816), GlaStar N7625M is now flying. I have a few minor tweaks still to do but it ran and flew well. (No heavy wing).

Insurance is Really Risk Management By Scott “Sky” Smith, Skysmith Insurance
Questions I’m asked all the time: Why should I buy insurance? Is it required? Well, no, most states don’t require insurance.

Brat Power (or, Our Oshkosh)
At Oshkosh AirVenture this year, we had the daddy of all GSAI Brat Roasts, thanks to Dan Dudley’s tireless efforts. According to Dan, we served more than 120 brats and consumed a full two kegs of the foamy stuff.

Flying It Back Country Safari By Alan Negrin
Ten years ago a small band of intrepid aviators decided it would be fun to spend a few days camping and flying in the back country of Idaho. There were five airplanes that first year and about 15 people.

Maintenance Tips: Dynon Oil-Temp Probe Calibration By Marc Cook
Despite having a dedicated ground line from the instrument to the engine case adjacent to the temp probe, the oil-temp indication has always dithered and been sensitive to other electrical loads in the airplane.

Maintenance Tips: Repairing Wheelpant Damage By Ted Setzer
If the air pressure gets low, the tires tend to bulge out more decreasing the gap. A “firm” landing with not enough gap can result in the tire catching the edge of the pant, dragging it along and damaging it.

New Products: Towbar & Spreader Bar

GlaStar/Sportsman Service Letter 8
Subject: Main Landing Gear Retaining Bolts

2009 2Q Flyer

2nd Quarter 2009

How Much Power Do You Need?
By Marc Cook

The Big Yank

By Marc Cook

New StarGate portal at GlastarNet ...and a whole new!

Supplier News: Garmin International service bulletin, #0921

First Flight: Steve Apfelbaum, N154AZ

A Totally Unofficial Sportsman Weight-Loss Program

By Ted Setzer

Flying (Or At Least Landing) With the Falcons

By Dale McClure

Maintenance Alert: Tim Rittal’s Exhaust Surprise

Maintenance Alert: Beware the Keyhole

Incident Report: Gear Leg Whoops!

By Richard Eastman

From the NTSB: A Chilling Tale
2009 1Q Flyer
2008 4Q Flyer
2008 3Q Flyer
2008 2Q Flyer
2008 1Q Flyer
2007 4Q Flyer

4th Quarter 2007

Like the Phoenix, C-FNYS
Dave Prizio and Tim Winger

Power Flow vs. Stock Exhaust, Dave Prizio
We have all heard of so-called performance improvements promised by various accessories and modifications that somehow never paid off in the real world. Is the Power Flow exhaust
system another one of those, or does it really work? That is the question.

Most Thankful Thanksgiving Ever, Steve Tillinghast
The modified NSI Subaru engine began an intermittent hiccup at 4,500 feet. I began a climb and started an effort to sort out the problem.

A Hard Lesson Learned, Tim Rittal
It happened so fast I never had a chance to react. I was in total disbelief of what had just happened and now I am hanging upside down in my shoulder harness.

Picassa Photo Sharing
Arlo Reeves

Spinning the GlaStar, Arnie Clarke
When I heard that Arnie had been doing some spin testing on his GlaStar I asked him to write about it for us.

Airplane Camping in a Sportsman
Alan Negrin

Hazardous Chemicals, Dave Prizio
As you build and maintain your GlaStar or Sportsman you will likely use a number of hazardous chemicals. Knowing how to handle these chemicals safely and what to
do in case of an accident can protect you from serious harm or even save your life.

No Carburetor Shortage, Dave Prizio
Precision announced earlier this month that it was suspending manufacture and distribution of the carbs and parts after it was unable to obtain product liability insurance.

Stringfellow Accident
Jim Stringfellow’s GlaStar, N33CP, suffered substantial damage when it flipped over while landing at Williston, Florida. He suffered minor injuries in the incident.

GSAI FlightDeck

Builder Tips
Stewart Systems Paint, By Loren Mann
An Easier Way to Install Bulkhead B, By Jim Miller
Door Handle Tip, by Tom Fleming

Maintaining Your Plane
Dynamic Balancing Extends Power Flow Warranty, By Tyler Reed
The Yearly Condition Inspection, By Dave Prizio

First Flights

Regional News
4th Mid-Atlantic GlaStar/ Sportsman Fly-in, By Dee Whittington
Merritt Island Florida Fly –In, By Bobbi Lasher
Cheeseland Fall Colors Fly-in, By Steve Salmon
Columbia Fly-in, By Dave Prizio
SoCal Holiday Fly-in, By Dave Prizio

2007 3Q Flyer
2007 2Q Flyer
2007 1Q Flyer
2006 4Q Flyer
2006 3Q Flyer
2006 2Q Flyer
2006 1Q Flyer
2005 4Q Flyer
2005 3Q Flyer
2005 2Q Flyer

2nd Quarter 2005

Alaska or Bust!, Dave Prizio
The rest of the story, 1st on a motorcycle and then the GlasStar

Service Bulletin 51: Wrong aluminum extrusion

My 2 Weeks at the CAC, Barry Brocato
At least a year and half work in 2 weeks time

North to Alaska, Harry DeLong
Harry loves to fly low. Lots of scenery and wild animals

Back from Alaska, Alan Negrin
Two factory Sportsman and Dave Amenti’s GlasStar 346# of gear in one and 320# in the other Sportsmen. It was the most spectacular flying adventure Alan has done in 3000+ hours and 21 years of flying

Sun ‘n Fun Report, Dave Prizio
Lycoming Clones, the death of steam gauges and Power Flow Eshaust

New Engine Choices, Dave Prizio
A comparison of the IO-390 to some other Lycoming engines. Other offering Superior, Teledyne Mattituck, Titan Kit Engine, and the Aero Sport Power offering

Mullins’ Budget Panel, Dave Prizio
An inexpensive panel using a Dynon EFIS
Regular Columns

GAI FlightDeck, Dave Prizio
Sun ‘n Fun, Alaska and a minor incident

Builder Tips
Aerocet Float Bracket, Door Post Tip, Scott 3200 Taiwheel weak ears on arm assembly Another Leaking Door Fix, Brake Bleeding and a Heavy Duty Leading Edge Boot

First Flights
David Codding became the first owner to fly his (CAC) Sportsman; Another GlaStar has taken to the air in Europe by owner Erik Vertenten; GlaStar N899KA built by Mark Kiedrowski with a NSI AERO Subaru EJ2.5 flies; GlaStar N125GS by George Stevens flies with the LOM engine; Glastar N733MR by Montgomery L. Rogers flys with a SP-360 with an Aymar-Demuth 70-66 prop; Sportsman #2 flies with a Lycoming IO-360-X184 weighing 19# more than a 0-360-A1F6 with a Hazrtzell HC-C2Y-1B/F8477 80” CS prop.

2005 1Q Flyer

1st Quarter 2005

GlaStar Baja Tour, Charlie Burton
Flying with four GlaStars over spectacular terrain, touching the whales, and landing at remote strips were just a few of the highlights of the Baja Adventure.

MT Prop for Superior XP-360, Nick Reid
Three MT Props for the XP-360, 2 blade alum, 3 blade composite, 2 blade composite

I Got My Private Ticket in my Own GlaStar, Jim Kimninger
Not the norm, but a lot of varied experience to get my wings

Bush Flying, Ted Setzer
Having flown the Sportsman to Alaska and some off-field gravel landings, perhaps I have learned something worth sharing.

Short Field Technique, Michael Crowell
Airspeed control to avoid the high sink that can occur.  Deep the sink rate at no more than 200-300fpm.

GlaStar v. Sportsman: Differences and Improvements, Alan Negrin
Many structural changes were required for the Sportsman to achieve the desired increase in utility and gross weight.  Good information to compare the GlaStar to the Sportsman.

Builder Tips
Getting off adhesive tape from Plexiglas
Solar powered battery charger
Protecting your door dogs
Elevator Gap Seals
Cabin gear step for the GlaStar
Exhaust coating for heat reduction in the engine compartment
Aluminum door brace – at higher airspeeds the leading edge of the door  tends to bow out.
Trim tab Fortes Generators

Regional News
Rough River Fly-in
Soutwest; Electronic Mags to improve performance
Flying in Spain and Portugal

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2004 3Q Flyer
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1995 2Q Flyer
1995 1Q Flyer
1994 4Q Flyer
1994 3Q Flyer
1994 2Q Flyer
1994 1Q Flyer


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