New Builder?

So you just bought a GlaStar, Sportsman or Glasair kit. Congratulations!

That HUGE crate is on it's way. Yikes! Now what?

Well you'll be glad to know you're not alone. There are several hundred builders out there who will be able to augment the builder assistance you can get from Glasair Aviation.

Here are some tips and recommended steps:

  1. Join your local EAA chapter. This is a MUST! Your local EAA chapter is a wealth of information. There are also EAA technical inspectors who will inspect your project and qualify you for a discount on insurance. Call the EAA 800 number to find the chapter nearest you.
  2. Enter your info to get on the Builder's List. You can submit your information in your profile in the members only section.
  3. Participate in the forums here. This is one of the most valuable tools you can use. Hundreds of builders are sharing problems and solutions daily. Highly recommended!
  4. If you haven't had any metal work or composite experience, take a class from one of the national companies doing roadshows. Your local EAA chapter should have information on this. An excellent one is EAA SportAir. Jump to their web site to check out their schedules. Alternatively, you can wait and take sheet metal or composite workshops at the EAA Oshkosh flyin or at Sun-n-Fun.
  5. Get your tools- there are some companies listed in the members only Web links section of StarGate that many builders have used and are recommended. There are also a group of "must check-out" vendors that provide GlaStar and Sportsman specific goods and services.
  6. Riveting: practice, practice, practice prior to starting your project. When your rivets start looking good, start on your project.
  7. Carefully read all the builder logs and the tips that builders have submitted. There is a ton of great information on how to save time, money, and agravation here on this website.
  8. Send tips to us to be posted so other builders can benefit from your experiences.
  9. Enjoy the experience!

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