The Glasair Aircraft Owners Association is the one must-join association for Glasair, GlaStar and Sportsman 2+2 builders, owners, pilots, and enthusiasts. If you’re currently building, flying—or dreaming of building and flying one—this is the place for you!

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Charlie Burton with Glastar N-331F

Accelerate Your Project

Get in the air sooner and use the expertise of hundreds of other Glasair, Glastar and Sportsman 2+2 builders. Our members are more than willing to share the secrets of their success. You get the fast-track information that goes beyond the factory manuals, as well as firsthand field experience on how these terrific airplanes are working day after day, year on year. There is, truly, nowhere else to get this kind of information.

Cutting instrument panel inserts

Cutting instrument panel inserts

Build It Right! Avoid Mistakes

Learn from the experience of those who have figured out how to build a Glasair, Glastar or Sportsman 2+2 better, cheaper, and faster! Hundreds of documented builder tips are available to Glasair Aircraft Owners Association Members only!

Save Time & Money on Tools, Supplies and Services

Use the vendors recommended by other builders who have already “been there” and “done that.” Take advantage of our active Classified Ads section and even find a Glasair, Glastar or Sportsman for sale.

Peter Karanges’ Rudder Pedals

Get Support When You Need It

Stuck on a Sunday? Jump on GlastarNet and ask your question to hundreds of other builders. Chances are that someone will know the answer to your question and answer it fast. If time is money—and we know it is— your Association subscription pays for itself in short order. And, GlastarNet is monitored by Glasair Aviation.

Keep up with issues even if you buy a Glasair, Sportsman or GlaStar someone else completed or if you built it through Glasair’s Two Week to Taxi (TWTT) program.

As good as it gets. Photo by Arlo Reeves.

As good as it gets. Photo by Arlo Reeves.

Have Fun With Domestic & International Glasair Enthusiasts

Join the hundreds of us who are nuts about our airplanes. Be part of the Glasair family as we get together at Sun ‘n Fun, AirVenture, and Regional Fly-ins. Find who your local builders are in StarBase—an embedded feature of GlastarNet—a comprehensive database of Glasair, GlaStar and Sportsman builders. Many Glasair Aircraft Owners Association members from around the world are willing to open a guest room to transiting Glasair, GlaStar or Sportsman 2+2 builders, owners, and enthusiasts, or to offer a demonstration flight.

Glastar & Sportsman FlyerStay Informed

In addition to our online community, the GlastarNet, the Glasair Aircraft Owners Association publishes the quarterly Association Flyer for members. It is jammed full with builder tips, feature stories, and how-to articles that will make you a better Glasair, GlaStar/Sportsman builder and pilot.

Stuff you need to know, and information that will often make you ask “why didn’t I think of that?

All members have access to the full-color version of the Flyer in PDF form, and “paper” subscribers get it delivered to their home or office.